Meeting on 7/1/11)

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2 temporary coaches
  • Mr Lam Hin Chew (Monday)
  • Ms Alice Lim (Friday)

CCA fair
  • 12th Jan CCA fair for Sec 1s
  • Only decide at the end of Jan
  • Budget thus far is $30
  • Naveena please remember to finish up the poster and send to Ms Lim
  • Meet at 3pm on Monday(10/1/10) to do touchup and stuff
  • Jonathan Soh, Shamus Seng, Tan Jing Heng to design and give out poster

Training Plan(4.6km)
Level One: January
-Low intensity+ high volume= 2.4km
  • Having the capacity to run long distance
  • 2.4km ->1.6km ->2.4km
  • Add ~400m more each time

Level Two: February
  • Speed and endurance
  • Shorter distance (high intensity+ low volume+ low intervals)
  • Better the timing

Level Three: March
  • High Intensity+ Interval+ Low volume
  • 2 weeks before the competition
  • Speed and more speed

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