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Hey sstcrosscountry members, how's the holidays? Hope you all have been using your nike+ sportsband to run.

Just a reality check, next year March we are participating in the cross country championships. Take that in mind. the distance for boys and girls are 4.6 km and 4.1 km respectively, the average timing for boys is under 30 minutes and 30 ++ minutes for girls.

Cross country is a team event, the team with the least points wins. For example, if you finish 5th, you get 5 points and that contribute to the team's total which makes up of 4 people.

eg. Team ABC got 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th position, total will be 2+3+5+6 = 16 points

Another one big event happening in April is the Track & Field C'ships. Again we will go there and hopefully people will do better than last year. We might not do so well in the short distances but we will dominate the long distances right? (I hope so too)

Anyway, next year do please set a good example to our juniors. I know some of you all will read this like 2011 after teachers force you all to assess this blog, but I am putting this for the sake of those who are willing to persevere hard for SST X' Country.

Your captain


Cross Country Challenge begins... when you are ready

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Log in to your account, before you participate.

Click here for the link to our own SST Cross Country Challenge.
What's the prize...  SURPRISE


Where is the secret "toggle" located?

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Hi all

Some of you find that your sensor can't detect your movement.
Don't worry, the answer is here.

You need to press the toggle below the timer. It is hidden from view.



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Read through the instructions from the NIKE Running Guide.

Click here for the guidebook.


2011 outing for Cross Country members

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We have decided during the CCA meeting about our outing.

Where: East Coast Park
What: Cycling, other activities
When: To be confirmed (Tentatively 2011 January)

We are going to have dinner together unless you have other plans. On the day of the outing, we will meet Denise at Kembangan MRT station.

If you have any questions or remarks, please put it in the comments section below.



Training sessions during the holidays

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There will be additional training sessions for Cross Country members, tentatively on the 23, 25, 29 of November from 9 - 11 am.

If there are any, you will be informed via the Cross Country blog or the CCA relay system. If you are unable to come, please inform Ms Lim. Thanks you!!! :D



Cross Country Relay System

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This is the CCA relay system. If you do not have any of the people's number, please refer to the spreadsheet that Helene will be sharing with all of you by today(19/11/10).

PS (to Ms Lim): If any of the exco members do not reply to the sms, please inform another exco member that she/he has not replied. For the rest of the members, please reply to your respective EXCO members upon receiving of the message.

Jake & Helene


Promotional Fair :D WE ARE A MOVEMENT

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What do you hope to see in your juniors?

What is our marketing strategy?


NorthWest Run Photos

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Hi everyone

I have uploaded to Picasa some of the exciting moments!

I had a great day and Ms Lim and I hope you did too :)

Mr R Koh



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Hi Team

We hope that all of you will collect the T-shirts and tags (as posted on the sports and wellness blog- from general office) by Friday.
On Saturday, we will met at Woodlands MRT at 3:45 PM- Control Station.
C Ya there :D

PS. If you can't collect the shirts, inform us immediately. We can collect your tags and shirts for you and pass to you on Saturday.

Mr Koh
Ms Lim


EXCO Members

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EXCO Members

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As the EXCO members of the Cross Country, we need help from all of you so that we can excel as a team. Can you volunteer your service by serving the various positions in the committee.

The positions are: Treasurer, Welfare, Secretary, :) we will open more positions when our juniors join us.
Thank you :)



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Male Captain
Male Vice-Captain
Female Captain
Female Vice-Captain

Hong Kaixuan

Tan Jing Heng

Davina Ling

Helene Tan


Our Choice of the T-shirt

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Coming soon...


Training Log

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About Us

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(Fatin, Zongwei and Jake were not around on that day; we will take another photo with them.)

We Train Hard Together! We Excel Together!